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Game#1 | BF PBEM 13 - EA Oaktavie Map
Played: 2020-09-14Amount of Humans: 8
Kind of Report: ffaenKind of game: PBEM
Era: Early Ages
Game-value: 79
ResultPlayerNationTeamPointsExtra PointsMissed PointsQuitterRate


Written on 2020-09-25 11:38:44

New game open, just remember -> 

Written on 2020-09-19 19:18:28

Snerdryn is great.

Written on 2020-09-19 15:21:20

My Proposal is Snerdryn. 

Written on 2020-09-15 17:51:40

My pretender probably was suboptimal, but really fun too use.

He was a centerpiece of my whole strategy. I really debuff my economy to have strong SuperCombatant (with item slots), who was just sleeping <smiletext1>

Written on 2020-09-15 15:50:00

Thanks for the match everyone..
Congratulations on the win KTBA ... nice aggressive use of your pretender  <smiletext0>

Also I had several turns (4) where lamaserver didnt send me the turn - did this happen to anyone else?

Im looking for a few games atm so can do another one whenever...

Written on 2020-09-15 12:29:05

Nice match.
Unfortunately, some player dropped out the game in early and mid game, making the game less enjoyable.

Written on 2020-09-15 10:08:30

Depending on amount of players - the following maps are reasonably balanced and functional from my experience:

- Biddyn (4-8p)
- Edowyn (10 land + 2-4 UW)
- Hexawyr (10-15 land + 2 UW)
- Peliwyr (6-10 land + 1 UW)
- Snerdryn (6-10 land + 1-2 UW)
- Dodozen deeps (7-8 w. 1-2 UW)
- Dozenrealms w. islands (10-12, 1-2 UW)
- Irrisque (5-8p)
- Ye Olde Map (10 land, 1-2 UW)

Random map is also fine, or use Cartographic Revision or AIDS.

Written on 2020-09-15 09:41:39

give a proposal, or random Map?

Written on 2020-09-15 09:35:42

I'd be up for another game, but this time on a proper map please <smiletext0>

Written on 2020-09-15 09:26:34

WP Mekone!

I had Utterdark going up in 2 turns, could probably have had it sooner but had lost interest in the game. 

Written on 2020-09-15 08:48:05

Played Machaka. Had much freedom with my neighbors, after a throne rush from mekone, i tried to attack him...Lost my god and some units. After it, just hope, others can beat him...


Interest in a new one or revanche?

Written on 2020-09-14 18:01:55

I put positions as I felt to be right. I have the feeling that Helheim deffinetely deserves second place. And I put 8th position to all the leavers.

If someone think that my choices were not accurate, is welcome to correct <smiletext0>

Written on 2020-09-14 18:01:55

Match has been reported, please confirm!

GG everyone <smiletext0> Thanks for the game <smiletext0>

GG Mekone.

Ulm was out too. I think now we are 5. 

Actually it was me who destroyed the resistance... Tho i was expecting more of a fight after the initial strike>>>

Now it is setted to ai...(Ur)

Helheim will be pleased - he got to eat entire Ur without resistance.

yes, seem so...Maybe last warning.....

Ur should be set to AI.

Forcing Host now (august 10 was next time, but it was very late). Sorry about, next time i check the time better.

Now we play continue. Replacing is normally not allowed in a ranking game.

hmm okay, i know only from a week. i think i have Extended only a week. but not sure, maybe it was longer.

Think we shall continue soon.

So, it's now been over 12 days of that one week delay and no new activity or information on the status of the game.

It's your game. I am just bringing it up since your last game ended with everyone dropping out due to inactivity. I for one am OK with waiting a week, but I've played enough to know that it increases the risk of other players loosing interest when these things happen.

Yes, but is staling better? When players are communicating it is better than just staling.

We can maybe make a substitue player pool. So someone can use a message when searching a player for a time. 
But for a week, it is hard....

Standard practice in all Dominions communities (that I know of) is to allow for short extensions when a player is pressed for time. When a player is unavailable to play for a longer time then that player is required to find a substitute player to take his or her turns during the period of absence OR completely take over the game if the original player is unable to continue.

At least ask the other players if they are willing to put the game on hold before making these kind of decisions.

Demeter can not play for a week, postpone hosting for a week. 

Ctis is now ai controlled. use the exit symbol here too.

okay give a try when staled again.

True! But you don't need the pretender. You can change the email and unless the player password-protected his turns you can set the nation to AI!

AI can only set a player self...not an admin. Can not do anything. @Aareal can you do it?

I can change the email of the player, but i do not have the pretender, do not think it can work with it. 

Please consider using admin settings to set C'tis to AI. 6 stales in a row.

okay, i give 24 h more time

Hello there !

Sorry for the lag.

I would like to tell you that I'm trying to setup the game on my laptop instead of my gaming machine. In case that doesn't succeed, I won't be able to play starting tomorrow. I'll let you know if I must be turned into AI. 

say easy when you need more time, can give extension. so we can avoid staling.

So...if you don't do a turn quick enough, it skips your turn and goes onto the next turn? Seems like I skipped turn 6 and now have a 'stale turn'.

Send the new .2h file to

Finally got the map working. Did my turn. Where do I upload my recent turn file too? Is their an email or upload function on this website? Thanks. Is it the same email we sent the pretenders too?

Download Map is not necessary, Just activate Map in Steam Workshop like a DLC.
Have you copied the trn File and the leader file (*_[0-9].2h  ) into a clean folder under savegames (for example C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming\Dominions5\savedgames\PBEM13) ?

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