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Game#1 | BF PBEM 11 - LA Snerdryn
Played: 2020-07-12Amount of Humans: 9
Kind of Report: ffaenAmount of Quitter: 2
Kind of game: PBEMEra: Late Ages
Game-value: 82
ResultPlayerNationTeamPointsExtra PointsMissed PointsQuitterRate
7MARKYMARKT'ien Ch'i100-178here


Written on 2020-07-28 22:10:18

Written on 2020-07-16 20:34:13

GG, thanks for the game <smiletext0>

Geschrieben am 2020-07-12 23:09:05

Game finished after 59 turns. Please contact us when the order is not correct (or quitter marks are false)

Geschrieben am 2020-07-12 23:09:05

Match has been reported, please confirm!

Well, at least the S1:s can be boosted with Light of the Northern Star and make for decent combat casters. I'm beginning to prefer Paralyze over Soul Slay anyways since during a normal engagement they're pretty much equivalent. Only Soul Slay kills immortals permanently I guess.

I agree with jsb order. I got quite passive when bunch of people left and I didn't feel like going through the moves of taking their stuff.

Research for Gath comes from gold efficient but useless in combat mages (they dont have magic haha) so it's a harsh tradeoff.

I definitely thought about Astral Corruption or Nexus but was afraid of pissing off both remaining players <smiletext0>

Suggested order from my perspective:

1 - Utgard
2 - Atlantis
3 - Gath
4 - Ulm
5 - Abyssia (quit)
6 - Pangea (quit)
7 - T'ien Ch'i
8 - Ragha
9 - Marignon

Abyssia was technically in the game at the end, but inactive before Ulm gave up the fight and went AI. I'd put myself ahead of Gath but seeing his surprising research lead, he might have had something big planned for the end-game that I haven't considered. Astral Corruption would have been an obstacle, for example!

Atlantis and Gath were still in the game with very strong position, while I win by the throne rush.
Ulm went AI and get defeated on the last turn.

Pan and Aby quit the game.

Thank you, changed it:-) you can use survived players on same position (when not quitted) and report it after first out - last position.

Maybe someone can post here an order, then i report the game. 

The game is over, Utgard won by throne-rush. I guess it's up to ssslock to report the game.

Remember to mark Abysia and Pan as quitters, it influenced the game in a big way as it opened big power vacuums that had to be filled. I think Abysia was in the middle of an attack on Gath when he disappeared?

Also, we didn't have two Pangeas <smiletext0> Dan was actually playing as Ulm (he did stale a bit but at least set himself AI when it was clear it was all downhill for him).

How many players are now still in game?

gg guys.

Yeah, sorry, indeed I wasn't paying enough attention lategame, was wery busy IRl. Need a break from the game for a month or two.

But that not to detract from ssslock's cunning maneuvering. I was working to catch that doomstack going to SE throne but he turned north and that put enough distance to get into another throne's fortress, then my assault couldn't break him, although I would have probably won it in the open field. "Neutal" SE throne was then taken by a sneak attack.

gg wp

GG everyone.

That's an all out attack for me. I put so many resources into the throne rush, and losed so many.
If it fails I'm not going to have much chance to survive.

I tried to interrupt Gath's movement with some magic phase attacks attacking the province his army need to pass. Maybe it works, there was an large army didn't manage to reach the throne province. 

Quitters are really bad for the game, makes the midgame really boring. Fortunately we still put out some good battles in the last few turns.

GG Utgard!

I played it too conservatively and should have attacked just a smidge sooner. It was unfortunate that Gath couldn't defend his throne, I have the feeling he wasn't playing at full capacity near the end as he wasn't communicative at all. Too bad as I was counting on him holding. Another turn or two would have been enough.

Players that quit without even bothering to go AI:

give 12h more:-)

Sorry guys, can I have another 12h extension, please? My laptop suddenly died (I blame Windows 10) and it will take time to rob my gf of her old laptop. Dont want the turn to be rushed.

48 hours now, extended too 24 Hours.

Hey, I could really use a 24h extension!

Furthermore, we are getting into the 50s and turns and scripting will be getting more and more complex. Is switching to 48h turns agreeable to the rest of you remaining? I think I can handle the 30h turns most days, but I will have to get extensions fairly frequently now during the summer.


Sorry guys, could we get 24h extension, please? I need to finish a project tomorrow, then I can be more active in the game and diplo next week. Cheers

THX Mark - I was pretty sure I was f-ed there ;D

Apparently llamaservers mail service is completely down now. It isn't responding to messages at all anymore.

Okay, 24 H:-)

happy nice Weekend togehter.

Hey, short notice - but it seems that llamaserver is either malfunctioning or has blocked my mail account. I get Mail Delivery System failures when I try to send my turn. Trying to figure out what is going on, it says my mailserver is blacklisted but it doesn't appear to be that way when I check the various RBL-registrers.

If possible, could I have 12-24 h extension to try to fix this?  I don't know if it has anything to do with my previous issue btw.

P.S: just checked Dominions forums and it seems to be a general llamaserver issue?

Looks like I got it sorted quick enough - anyhow, thanks for the extension!

Done, 24 H

Wish you all a good game. TC give all, but two are one too much….

TC has pos7 i think.

GG T'ien Ch'i!

I've been temporarily locked out of my mail-account and probably won't be able to fix it until the turn rolls over. Could we have a 24h extension?

(P.S:  Covid is getting better at least, don't need to sleep all day like I did the last couple of weeks).

Thanks for the game, KTBA. I will remember that siege for a long time :joy:

GG Ragha - better luck next time!

Thanks for the game guys and GL for all of You <smiletext0>

Sorry for all unanswered messages, but perfunctory answers was a part of my strategy...     It haven't worked as intended as You see <smiletext1>

CU in future games. <smiletext0>

GG for ragha. I'm following soon.

okay next turn....played.

An update to fix the recruitment bug was released yesterday, Dominions 5.45 - that should allow us to continue!

Version 5.45 is up, bug should be fixed. I will submit my turn this evening.

People in Bug Thread in steam Discussions are quite insistent, and developer (johan) seems to be engaged in general (no comments on bug yet though), so I hope it will be out soon. 

In case we will be considering continuing before bug is fixed, I state that I'm not personally affected by the bug. Cheers.

I wish you a quick recovery, jsb!

So far nothing. Since pretty much all MP games are on hold I think it will come within a week however.

I am OK resuming before that, but on the other hand I am currently down with Covid-19 and taking a fair beating, so a little rest doesn't hurt either ;D

there is update About the issue?

Thank you. Postpone: 192 Hours (8 days)


I also agree we should hold for a while. These kind of bugs in Dominions are usually fixed fairly quickly.

Congratulations to you!

Congratulations on your newborn.

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