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Game#1 | BF PBEM 15 - Late Age on Edowyn
Played: 2021-10-29Amount of Humans: 8
Kind of Report: ffaenKind of game: PBEM
Era: Late Ages
Game-value: 80
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Geschrieben am 2021-11-01 11:46:13

plan a new game

waiting for players and proposals, when coming, i
m happy to play a new one.

Not sure, if we find enough, when you have a good proposal for a map, please contact me.

Geschrieben am 2021-10-31 22:26:46

Confirmed:-) Good to see after so long time this game ended:-) 

Written on 2021-10-29 18:57:30

Written on 2021-10-29 18:55:06

If anyone would want to change the positions, be my guest <smiletext0>

Written on 2021-10-29 18:55:06

Match has been reported, please confirm!

Congratulations Blackbarney and gg everyone.

A new game is always welcome.

Ok, gg everyone

Markymark, thanks for hosting!

New game sounds interesting ;-)

okay, we can report it, when no one disagree.

Maybe it is time for a new game soon.

I can agree to this ;-)

So I vote for Blackbarney too.

I thing Utgard is in better position than me, so I vote for him for the 2nd place.  With Vaetti I have some kind of impass.


1. Blackbarney - Ragha

2. Reaper - Utgard

3. Jaggysnake - Vaettiheim = 3. KTBA - Atlantis

5. snipeyshotgun - Bogarus

6. Iskiab - Patala

7. MARKYMARK - Arcoscephale

8. TranspondserV - Ulm

I can send my SC to indicated province for the duel, but imo it should be only just for fun <smiletext0>

Yes, it seems like we will be voting.

I would vote for Blackbarney as the winner, as I think they are in the best position to win if we would go on. Beeing in the middle and having access to quite some land of vaettiheim.

As we are voting for all positions I think the following would be the order I vote for:

1. Blackbarney - Ragha

2. KTBA - Atlantis

3. Reaper - Utgard

4. Jaggysnake - Vaettiheim

5. snipeyshotgun - Bogarus

6. Iskiab - Patala

7. MARKYMARK - Arcoscephale

8. TranspondserV - Ulm

@ Blackbarney: If you like we can still do a fight between SC.

so 2-1 for option 2. Voting for winner...i'm neutral, can not say anything. 

Hmm, I think option 3 would be best, then 2 if no one wants that.

If you have only 1 SC, I am prepared to fight 1 SC one turn and the next SC the next turn

I am opting for option 2. 

Option 1 is too prolonged.

Option 3 is suboptimal for me. I do not have any real SC (Just semi-SC on Earth King chasis, but nothing fancy). If You really will choose this option it would be battle between You two.

Maybe option with forced arena would be fine in this scenario, than my one SC will be enough to participate <smiletext0>

you can decide, i'm neutral.

As we do not seem to be able to sub someone for Vaettiheim, maybe we can vote on what to do? As I see it, we have 3 options:

1) We continue playing until the end.

2) We declare the game finished and vote who won.

3) We do Blackbarneys SC battle and vote according to the results.

I think at the moment I would tend to option 2. If we get a tie Markymark could be the tiebreaker. (And sorry for my recent silence.)

force the turn now.

That is annoying

I still think I have good chance at winning this. Another option: trigger arena battle?

Or we hold an SC battle royale?

Each nation gets 2 SC's: 1 to throw at each enemy nation (Utgard, Atlantis, Ragha) and we fight it out in two of Vaettiheim's low pd provs?
the winning SC from each match gets lined up against the remaining SC?

need a password...

shall we vote a winner or give last three the first position?

Regards, Mark

Yeah, that sounds like a good idea. Thanks!

shall i make a sub? Then we can continue

Jaggysnake is not responding to me either, unfortunately

I would really hate it if we all quit this match, but if the general consensus is to do so then I will agree

or as an alternative: we find a sub?

@Markymark: Could you extend, if Vaettiheim does not send in time?

will be good when someone can contact him, so we can continue or vote for a winner:-)

I am opting for continuing.

let's see if I can reach Vaettiheim

It was a fun game, but I am opting for ending it.

We should end it in draw or vote for winner, but I have feeling we just prolonging it, when we shouldn't.

What is Your opinion? 

Next turn is 3. September, Vaettiheim had not played. Shall we continue without him?

September is probably overkill.

But I will opt to postpone it until august 3rd at least, cause I have a lot of overtime work right now and dont have much time for doing so long turn <smiletext0>

My camping trip got cut short due to unforeseen circumstances
this means I'll be able to send in my turns in as per usual

I see that the game is postponed until september 3rd, shall we wait that long?

okay, i try to check it on llama

I am ok with pause.

As far as I remember is sudden death planned from 100 turn (cataclysm mechanism), we are not so far from it to trigger <smiletext1>

Still at each others throat. I think it will also take some time until there will be a conclusion.

On the other topic: Pausing is fine with me.

Yes, we are still at it.

The wars are heating up even more.

I've managed to keep Vaettiheim and Utgard at bay (barely)

Another question:

I'm going camping from the 24th of july untill the 1st of august, is it ok to pause the game during that time?

is the game continued? 

I'd say we can continue as it is now and have the turn continue.

But it seems Llama is having some problems atm, so let's wait until those get resolved

Okay, need more time? Or a rollback from last turn?

So let's continue. <smiletext0>

No harm done Blackbarney.

If Blackbarney is continuing, I see no reason for a vote. We can just continue, unless there is another reason to vote.

So we need an opinion of Jaggysnake in that matter.

Are we voting or continuing? 

Guys, I'm sorry about my reaction.

I'm in a stressfull personal situation. This is not an excuse for screwing up a game but it does force me to take a look at how I react to situations.

My plan already started in turn 25 as I was left alone by all. I had 17 (!) citadels up in turn 30 (most of them 10K pop) and was happily mass-recruiting mages and mass-bloodhunting. I was expecting 2 (even 3) nations attacking me and had prepared a strategy: finish research first, grab most of the artifacts + summon all demon lords. Then when you attacked: lure you in, then mass-cast certain spells (I'll tell you which ones after the game ends) and like a wave roll over your territories in retaliation. That breakout was supposed to be this turn.

Due to IRL things I could not finish the turn fully even after the first extension and needed more time. My turn results tell me that plan is now very much a failure.

I realise I react more heavliy due to my current IRL situation. I also do not want to be the tantrum-child and leave a bitter aftertaste.

@Markymark: you are a good host. Even long after you were already out of the match, you still very actively respond and assist. You have my appreciation.

My apologies to you all.

I propose one of the following:

1. we continue the match and I defend like I've never defended before.

2. we quit and I vote we cast an acashic record and decide which nation is best based on a combination of stats

My preference now would be option 1.

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